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Energize, Restore, Balance, Focus

There are multiple benefits of IV Therapy.  It is one of the fastest ways to get essential vitamins and minerals into your body. It can help with athletic performance, promote speedy recovery, and replenish the immune system. Specific ingredients can be added to treat some conditions including migraine pain and hangover symptoms. Injections for energy and pain are also offered. Below are some of the therapies offered. 

IV Therapy: Services


Reboot your immune system with essential vitamins & amino acids

This service helps to reboot your immune system with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. If you've been feeling tired and run down, not sleeping well, or fatigued after an illness this may be the formula for you.

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Event Prep or Recovery

This formula is designed for the weekend warrior or the athlete that wants to enhance their performance, increase energy and decrease muscle fatigue. Infuse the day before a big event or after an event to quicken recovery time.

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Party like a RockStar and Recover like one too!

Designed for the warrior in all of us, this cocktail helps when you may have had one extra cocktail the night before or when your a bit under the weather. The Formula hydrates, replaces vitamins and minerals and add ingredients to calm your stomach and reduce inflammation.  This is great after a bachelor or bachelorette party. Schedule ahead for the whole group (extra fees apply).

Summer Pool Party


Competition focus and mental alertness

This  is the ultimate Formula for increasing energy and physical performance, improved mental clarity, decreased fatigue. This Formula will take 2 plus hours to infused due to the addition on NAD.

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A specific formula to hydrate, relieve pain, nausea and inflammation.

Migraines effect men and women and can be painful and debilitating.  This formula is designed to help lessen symptoms during a migraine, decrease the severity of a migraine prior to full onset and will often decrease the amount of migraine days when regularly scheduled. Call for consultation.

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Boost your inner & outer beauty

This formula is infused with vitamins for radiant skin, hair, nails and cellular hydration.  Get your glow on with this beauty formula.

Beautiful strong hair of a woman, strengthening and restoring the hair roots. Beautiful ma


Hydrate your body

1 Liter of Lactated Ringers includes sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and sodium lactate which provides fluid hydration. Great after a hot day or event, exercise, long hot bike rides or when you're feeling a little dehydrated.

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